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If you are experiencing dispense issues, you owe it to you and your customers to call AC Beverage of South Florida for a system evaluation. The root causes of most dispense issues are usually poor design and/or installation or equipment failure. It may be a single issue or a combination of any or all three. AC Beverage of South Florida offers total repair services and maintenace packages to ensure that your draft system is yielding maximum profit.

Common service visits may include:
  • Power pack repair
  • Fob repair and restoration
  • Gas system leak testing
  • Repair/replace loose shanks and faucets
  • Verify and correct blended gas ratio
  • Repair/replace keg couplers

AC Beverage of South Florida also has a range of monthly/quarterly/yearly proactive maintenance packages which include:

  • Glycol Power Pack Service: Glycol Flush & Fill. Clean the condenser coils, inspect the glycol temperature and calibrate the circulation and flow rates.
  • Nitrogen Generator Multi-Point Inspection & Maintenance: The system is inspected for proper operation, leak tested and filters changed.
  • Deep Saturation Line Cleansing

To schedule a system evaluation, please contact us toll free at 800-925-3818 or locally at 954-729-4238.
We may also be emailed at service@acbeverage-sfl.com